The Ultimate Guide for Dads Going Through Divorce | Why I Wrote 'The Dad's Divorce Guide'

Hey everyone, it's Chris, the author of 'The Dad's Divorce Guide.' Join me on this walk as I share the story behind why I wrote this book and why it's your go-to resource if you're navigating the complexities of divorce or co-parenting with an ex, whether it's high conflict or not.📘 In this video, I'll dive into the seven-year journey it took to compile this comprehensive guide, covering everything from the legal process to co-parenting strategies. Divorce is a challenging journey, and my goal is to make it a bit easier for you.Discover topics on mental health, crucial actions when facing divorce papers, and an insightful boot camp section providing a deep dive into the legal process. The book offers a high-level overview, making it a one-stop-shop for all your divorce-related queries.🌐 Explore more at The Dad's Divorce Guide Website ( or find the book on Amazon by searching "Dad's Divorce Guide" or my name (Chris Batcheller). Your support means a lot, and I hope the guide brings clarity and comfort during this challenging time! If you found the book useful, please leave me a review on Amazon.  #DivorceGuide #CoParenting #MentalHealth #DadsDivorce #LegalProcess #SelfCare #DivorceAdvice #TheDadsDivorceGuide  For More Information: #CoParenting #MentalHealth #DadsDivorce #LegalProcess #SelfCare #DivorceAdvice #TheDadsDivorceGuide

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