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The Essential Divorce Guide for Dads!

This is the practical and essential divorce guide book for men getting divorced and co-parenting! With tips on successfully co-parenting for dads with children ages infant to late teens, this book will guide you through the whole process, from what to do when you are first served divorce papers, all the way through dating and thriving after your divorce! If your looking for a divorce self help book, keep reading! This is defiantly one of the books to read after divorce! This is one of the best books for separation and divorce. This is a book on getting through divorce and a book on life after divorce.

A step by step guide for during and after your divorce

✅ We answer how do you find the best family law attorney?  Chapter 5 “Finding an Attorney”
✅ Are you dealing with a high conflict ex?
Chapter 29 “Managing Conflict” discusses how to deal with difficult exes.
✅ Are you worried that your ex is alienating the kids from you?
Chapter 30 “Parental Alienation” discusses how to identify it and what to do about it!
✅ Are you not sure how to co-parent with young children, or what you should be doing to co-parent?
Chapter 21 “Establishing Co-parenting” will get you off to a good start!
✅ Need to find a mental health family therapist?
Chapter 6 “Finding a Therapist” has you covered.
✅ Struggling with depression? Read Chapter 14 “Depression”
✅ Being a parent is hard,
Part 2 “Boot Camp” covers the important things and gives recommendations on screen time for kids, discipline, chores and food.
✅ Not sure about the legal system and need some practical advice?
Part 3 “Battle Plan” explains the legal system, the divorce process and how to navigate your divorce!
✅ Ready to move on?
Part 4 “Victory” talks about moving on, setting goals, dating and blended families!

Four parts to guide you through...

Broken into four parts, this easy-to-follow but informative book will guide you through the process of divorce and how to co-parent successfully. You can even skip straight to the section that applies to your life right now! With this book you can find peace in real life situations by following the steps to living happily.

Part 1 - Take Cover!
Many things are uncertain, emotional and even scary when you first realize you are about to divorce. This section, Take Cover!, consists of 10 short chapters about what to do when you are first served divorce papers, how to find an attorney, planning your short-term game and more!
Women file for divorce 70% of the time. Whether the divorce was your choice or not, Dad's Divorce Guide will cover the topics you need to know about!
Protect your sanity! Part 1- “Take Cover!” jumps right into the things you need to do to protect yourself and to help you survive.
Learn about the 7 most important steps you should take when starting your divorce journey!
Part 2 - Boot Camp
In this section of the book, we dive deep into taking care of your own mental health as well as figuring out what to do next. Here you'll also find 7 chapters dedicated to all things parenting. We'll wrap up Part 2- Boot Camp with how to manage logistics as a single dad, how to co-parent and how to have good communication with your ex. Learn how to get through this difficult time by setting boundaries and finding happiness.
Is the divorce having an effect on your mental health? Here you'll learn about taking care of yourself mentally, divorce-related trauma, grief, depression and PTSD.
Could you or your ex have a personality disorder? In this section you'll learn about personality disorders and how to reduce conflict!
Suddenly, you are a single parent! Part 2- Boot Camp has 7 chapters that share some parenting basics!
Part 3 - Battle Plan
Divorce is a legal process and divorcing with kids means custody arrangements will need to be made. In this section, you'll find tips for navigating the legal process of divorce, as well as warning signs of parental alienation, and guides to custody schedules.
Here you'll find 4 chapters dedicated to all things legal with tips about what kind of lawyer to hire, some legal terms and definitions as well as an explanation of the legal process.
Chapters 34 and 35 explain what parental alienation is and the "Magic Bullet" alienating parents use to keep your kids from you!
Do you have a hearing or divorce court date coming up? Here we'll cover in-depth tips on how to dress and present yourself in court, and things you should ask for in your divorce papers!
Part 4 - Victory
Whether the divorce was your choice or not, this section of the book hopes to leave you in a better place than you were before reading Dad's Divorce Guide. Here we'll talk about moving on after your divorce, dealing with finances, dating and blending families. There are not a lot of life after divorce books, and in this part we have you covered!
9 tips for moving on after your separation!
Learn how to set goals and manage your finances as a single dad!
Having trouble blending your new love interest into your family? Here's why your ex unfortunately holds the key to successfully blending.


I can't recommend highly enough that Dads really need to reach out for all the help they can get. Don't try to do it alone. I'm more the stoic type so asking for help is difficult for me. Divorce and custody are high-stakes games and the deck is significantly stacked against us. Books like this are extremely helpful.


I bought this amazing book that a good friend of mine Chris wrote recently. This book was an easy read and even though it is titled “Dad’s Divorce Guide”, it has really put some perspective in how I handled things and what to look forward to in the future. Reading this I was telling myself that’s you or yep definitely describes the ex. The book goes over a variety of stages in a divorce or even just a relationship. Chris has researched everything he has put into this book along with his personal experience. If you have gone through or going through a break-up of any kind, I highly recommend this book. It truly is a great “guide” and will help you through some rough times, it really opened my eyes to so many things, and I know my future will look different. Check it out on Amazon. Thank you Chris Batcheller for this amazing book! You truly wrote a masterpiece!!

Katrina Sirratt
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Image of Chris Batcheller the Dad's Divorce Guide Author
About the Author
Chris is a divorced dad of two teenagers. He and his ex-wife have shared 50/50 custody and time since divorcing in 2014. His divorce case has spanned two states over several years. He is passionate about shared parenting and advocating for improved divorce laws.

Chris is the Chair of the Kansas Chapter of the National Parents Organization. Chris has an Undergraduate Degree in Aircraft Engineering Technology from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida and a Master's in Media Psychology from Fielding Graduate University in Santa Barbara, California.