How to Respond When Your Ex Accuses You by Saying "You Always" or "You Never" | Dad's Divorce Guide

Explore expert advice on handling challenging situations post-divorce with Chris, author of "The Dad's Divorce Guide." In this insightful talk, Chris delves into a common scenario—when your ex accuses you of things in a tone that triggers emotional reactions.

Mastering Co-Parenting: How to Reduce Conflict with Your Ex | Expert Tips for Dads

Join me on this insightful walk as I share practical tips on reducing conflict with your ex during co-parenting. Navigating tense situations can be challenging, but there's one giant thing you can do to make it smoother.

The Ultimate Guide for Dads Going Through Divorce | Why I Wrote 'The Dad's Divorce Guide'

Join me on this walk as I share the story behind why I wrote this book and why it's your go-to resource if you're navigating the complexities of divorce.

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