How to Respond When Your Ex Accuses You by Saying "You Always" or "You Never" | Dad's Divorce Guide

🔍 Explore expert advice on handling challenging situations post-divorce with Chris, author of "The Dad's Divorce Guide." In this insightful talk, Chris delves into a common scenario—when your ex accuses you of things in a tone that triggers emotional reactions. Learn practical tips to maintain composure and protect yourself during these moments.🚀 Key Points Covered:- Understanding the Accusations: Chris breaks down the common occurrence of ex-partners using phrases like "you always" or "you never" to provoke a reaction.- The Fight or Flight Mode: Discover why it's natural to want to fight back but why resisting this urge is crucial for your well-being.- Avoiding Emotional Traps: Learn how not giving in to emotional reactions denies your ex the satisfaction they may seek and protects you legally.- Strategic Responses: Practical suggestions on responding calmly, including the power of saying, "I don't agree," and why avoiding explosive reactions is paramount.- Email Communication: Explore the benefits of redirecting conversations to written communication to maintain control and defuse emotional tension.- Protecting Yourself in Court: Understand the potential legal implications of your responses and why agreeing with false statements can be detrimental.📚 Dad's Divorce Guide:Chris shares his wealth of knowledge in "The Dad's Divorce Guide," offering comprehensive insights and strategies for navigating the complexities of divorce. Get your copy on Amazon by searching "Dad's Divorce Guide" or my name (Chris Batcheller). You can also visit for more invaluable tips. If you found the book useful, please leave me a review on Amazon. 👍 Connect with Chris:If you found this video helpful, don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more valuable advice. Connect with Chris and join a community of individuals navigating the challenges of post-divorce life. See you in the next episode! #DivorceGuide #CoParenting #EmotionalResilience

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